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A common issue during canyoning in the hot summer months, especially in dry canyons, is heat. The body wrapped in a dry neoprene suit can experience extreme conditions of high temperatures that can lead to dangerous situations.

Exhaustion from the heat

It is possible that it will happen to us if wearing the neoprene suit in a relatively dry canyon during the summer months.

Common symptoms of heat exhaustion:

– Wet and sticky skin.

– Weakness.

– Motion sickness.

– Myalgias.

– Headache.

– Tachycardia.

– Fever 38 – 40 degrees Celsius.


– Rest in the shade, drinking plenty of fluids and electrolytes.

– Wet the head and neck with cool compresses.

– Blow air in the face of our fellow canyoner.


If exhaustion is not treated on time the body can experience heatstroke which is a very bad situation during canyoning.

Common symptoms of heatstroke:

– Absence of sweat.

– Severe headache.

– Very hot skin (at fever levels of 41 degrees Celsius).

– Gastrointestinal disorders.

– Confusion.

– Change of mental state.


– Immediately start actions to lower the temperature of the person.

– Offer rest in the shade.

– Cool compresses on the neck and chest.

– Wet the patient and blow air, trying to cool the face as well.

Before our first rappel into the canyon we make a final check on the weather forecast, on our gear and water supply – study the map for the possible exits – and notify our fellow canyoners if there is something wrong in our physical/psychological condition. After all canyoning is a fun sport in nature where we are going to have lots of action and amazing moments with our friends.

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