Canyoning, Introduction, Safety


Canyoning is becoming a worldwide adventure sport with many new members almost in every country and accredited providers such as Canyoning Associations, Canyoning Companies and independent Canyoning Guides practicing this amazing sport with safety. Rappelling high rocky walls, under waterfalls, swimming, sliding and jumping in crystal, clear, little ponds is the essence of fun and action. However, risks can occur like during any other extreme sport, where nature and weather – specifically water – can create the main factor of danger in a canyon.

Skills, knowledge, proper equipment, a good psychology and an average physical condition are important elements of a successful descent. Today we are very fortunate to have all the needed information about canyoning in the internet, where one can find videos on rope rigging, knots, gear, etc. Nevertheless, all these are not enough information compared to the proper education in canyoning with accomplished, experienced instructors, according to the theory and practice provided by the official Canyoning Associations of the world.

So, it is very important before you undertake the challenge of becoming a canyoner to make sure that you have the correct education, gear and skills. Checking the weather at least 3-4 days before you go canyoning is of outmost importance, too. Observing the flow of the canyon as you proceed is also very proactive. The water level can fluctuate suddenly putting you and your fellow canyoners at risk. Lots of water in a canyon may rise the element of fun, challenging your skills. However, more water, or too much water can become extremely dangerous especially combined with cold temperatures. Getting tips and advice from local Canyoning Guides is the best idea – more or less all canyoners of the world are a big family – helping each other is one of the main attributes of canyoning.Also, caring for you rope, replacing worn out gear, hydrating yourself regularly, be in constant communication with your group members are factors of safety.

Concluding, canyoning can be lethal under extreme conditions of nature and human error or misjudging of estimating the situation. Always have in mind that canyons exist for millions of years. They are there for your next visit should the environment requires abandoning your plans. Better get yourself a beer and talk with your fellow canyoners about your future canyoning excursions in the safety of a tavern.

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