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Your canyoning rope is your link to safety. Vertical descending could never be possible without a rope and management techniques. Therefore, caring for your rope is a very important work. Each time you take your rope canyoning you need to follow some simple rules, so you can trust it’s elasticity, endurance and effectiveness.

Respect your rope

-Don’t step on it

– Don’t leave knots – untie them always

– Don’t forget it in the trunk of your car, in the heat and the hot sun

– Don’t use it for climbing or caving

Protect your rope

– Always wet it before starting descending

-Don’t rappel over sharp edges without protecting your rope

– If sharp edges cannot be avoided rig your rope in the best way you can

Learn to use your rope better

-Don’t bounce on the cliff like an action movie star

– Have control and rappel steadily

– Observe the rocks and don’t swing/shock/abuse your rope

– Don’t hurry. Be cool and rappel patiently

Keep your rope clean

-Try to avoid mud and sand during canyoning as much as possible

– When you get home soak your rope in clean water and wash it the soonest possible

– Never use chemicals, oxidizers, bleach

– Use only a mild soap if necessary

Keep your rope dry

-Dry your rope out thoroughly before storage

– To let it dry you can hang it loose in a cool and dry place away from intense sunlight

Keep your rope safe

-Battery acids, oil, bleach, sharpie markers can harm your rope’s fibers

– UV rays are bad for your rope over time

– Store it in a cool and dark place, best loosely coiled, in a rope bag

Love your ropes – don’t let them suffer – especially if you go canyoning regularly. As you know they don’t last forever, so retire them soon enough for your own safety and the happiness of your fellow canyoners. Cut a long rope to smaller parts if you check it and find a ruined part. Always mark your rope with harmless rope-markers that exist in canyoning stores.

Enjoy your rope – enjoy canyoning!

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