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Exercising in the gym is cool. Exercising outdoors is also great! Walking in the woods can be really fulfilling – but an extreme sport like canyoning can lift you up to the roof! Why? Very simple: it brings back memories from the time you were just a kid playing around, exploring, climbing up, sliding and having fun with your friends! So now that you are an adult, trying to cope with everyday living challenges, you can find happiness, enjoyable exploration, physical and mental exercise, new adventures and unforgettable moments in nature just by descending through a canyon.

Rappelling, climbing around/over/under/down of rocks, swimming, sliding and jumping in water ponds is just a hint of what it is to practice canyoning. There are countless canyons in almost every country of the world, pretty sure many near your… couch. So, just start exploring how you can get in touch with other canyoners, google for more information, make up your mind and go for it.

As a beginner the best option to start canyoning is to contact your country’s Canyoning Association or local clubs and/or professional canyoning guides who take customers into canyon trips. You need to calculate your budget accordingly, so you can have a better idea about this unique sport. Very important, to trust and study all canyoning techniques offered by acknowledged, legal canyoning schools. Before you enter a canyon party make sure you are well prepared, safe and ethical. Canyoning is an extreme sport and you need to focus on respecting yourself, your partners, the weather and nature. Watch videos about rope management, learn the details of your gear, visit websites of canyoning equipment manufacturers and don’t be shy to ask your trainers and fellow canyoners on any questions you might have. Last but not least: practice, practice, practice and have tons of fun and action.

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