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Canyoning is a high endurance, extreme sport – especially in colder seasons with rainfalls and snow. During the summer, in countries with high temperatures and intense sunlight, different needs of nutrition and hydration call for various options when it comes to energy and stamina.

Athletes around the world practicing adventure sports in nature like canyoning (runners, marathon runners, triathlon athletes, mountain runners, bikers, mountaineers and climbers)are seeking for a balanced nutrition with lots of carbs, fluids, vitamins, minerals, sugar, honey etc.There are countless supplements, energy bars, honey bites, chocolates and various energy gels available for instant boost when needed. However, more natural products like nuts, raisins, fruit like banana, apple and orange can provide the canyoner with more natural ingredients. Sometimes just the taste of fresh bread and cheese can fullfill your appetite, a light panini or your favourite, home-made sandwich can give you the pleasant warmth during a short brake for some rest in the canyon.

Moving in the demanding environment of slippery rocks and waterfalls creates a variation of temperatures to your body. The best practice when it comes to nutrition and hydration is to eat bits and bites – not to have a full stomach but enough to keep you strong – while drink regularly enough fluids – water, tea with honey or some coffee substitute- enough to keep you hydrated.Candies and chewing gum can be a hazard during rappelling, so you need to consider it first.

Alcohol, drugs and stimulants can be fatal during canyoning! We strongly advise you to restrain from using any of them. On the other hand, nothing compares to the taste of a cold beer after canyoning, where you share all nice moments of the descent with your friends.

Be proactive and always have extra food in your waterproof barrel! You never know if you are going to need it, so it is better to bring it back home than to be left without any food in case of an emergency (a slow group, a colder canyon, the need for longer stay in the canyon, etc.)

If you are a heavy smoker be so kind and respect your fellow non-smoking canyoners by smoking at a distance and always carry some sort of an ashtray for your cigarette butt.

Last but not least, gather all your garbage and leave nothing but footprints. The canyons are our home and we need to protect them.

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