Canyoning, Introduction


We collect information:

– For the route: degree of technical difficulty, particularities, verticality, crossing time including access and return time, study of topographic maps, information signs, information from professional guides and local associations, from people who have descent the gorge, from relevant special articles in blogs and books.

– For escape possibilities, for other accesses.

– For the fastest way to mobilize rescue teams.

We get specifically informed:

– For the nature of the route and especially in gorges with water for the presence of water movements due to the geomorphology of the gorge (reverse currents, pipettes, washing machines, etc.)

– For the amount of water supply (which depends on geographical factors, on the altitude and the importance of the gorge supply basin) and the time of increase of the water level in case of rain at a higher altitude.

– For the meteorological bulletin (temperature, rainfall, possible storm risks)

– Regarding the artificial regulation of water overflow e.g. in dams (many water overflow systems are automated and therefore unpredictable). We respect local regulations.

We are proactive:

– We never start and we do not move alone: preferably we move in fours / fives and if we are beginners we always have at least one experienced person with us.

– We prepare a correct first aid kit.

– A third, trusted person must know the time of our entry into the gorge but also the time of exit so that if necessary he can notify the rescue.

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