Canyoning, Essentials, Safety


In the case of an organised canyoning meeting, where we go by car and set up our tent in a specific predetermined place, things are relatively simple. However, we must pay attention to some rules of cohabitation with our fellow canyoners, so that there is a climate of discretion and cooperation. We respect the personal space of others, the hours of common quiet, the places where we sit and cook or where we spread our wet materials to dry.

In the case of long hiking in the mountains to descend a canyon – and especially during the winter months – the camp needs planning, as we alone are not able to carry in our backpack all the necessities of our outdoor living, let alone the materials of the descent of the canyon at the same time.So, it is a good idea to look for a camp partner. With our friend we can share the weights, manage the tent, cook and share the various expenses.

Arriving to the camping spot after a few hours of driving and walking to the place where we will camp to spend the night, tired and loaded, it is advised to have some rules for understanding with our canyoning partner for less hassle. You don’t want to end up sleepless and frustrated the next day when entering the canyon on your first rappel. Sometimes, after a long week of working, a zip of alcohol might sound a relaxing idea around the fire. However, it is your personal responsibility to take care of yourself and your canyoning friends. Read “Setting a camp for canyoning – Part II” for the simplest rules to enjoy a nice sleep and a comfortable stay in nature.

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