Advanced, Canyoning


Do you believe in Superheroes? No? Wait until you start canyoning. We are confident that you will recognise one in… yourself! After all – most canyoners continue this amazing sport not only for the beauty, the fun and the unique feeling. It is a constant challenge in character, skills, mindset and physical endurance – similar to the qualities of a Superhero.

A common secret among canyoners is the pride of performing something totally out of the ordinary. Overcoming any nerves one might have, trusting the rope manager, gaining confidence using the gear, choosing carefully one step after the other while at the same time everybody supports everyone else cheering and watching closely.

It doesn’t take much for a canyoner to get hooked to this new way of life. Adrenaline coursing through the veins is one part but the element of surprise to find out what comes next is more exciting. Encountering big rocky descents, sneaky waterfalls, all kinds of jumps and slides build up your confidence from one level to the other. Even in moments of self -doubt your team members are cheering you on to overcome the obstacle, weather it is a difficult rappel, a crooked slide or a high jump.

By the time everybody reaches the exit and starts walking towards the cars new personas emerge. From being nervous or a bit scared to being capable of accomplishing a great descent will add up to everybody’s character and self esteem.

The feeling of transforming to a Superhero gets stronger every time a canyoner manages to evolve to upper levels of skills by choosing more difficult canyons, on challenging weather conditions, canyons with more water, with difficult and technical parts. However, this can lead a person to a trap, resulting to errors, sometimes fatal. Therefore, always have in mind, keep it simple and safe, choose your team members carefully and practice, practice, practice.

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