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FCMP – Federação de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal – The Federation of Camping and Mountaineering of Portugal is a non-profit association, recognised as a Collective Person of Public Utility since 1978 and an official member of the Fédération Internationale de Canyonisme (FIC). Apart from that FCMP is member in the following organizations:

The International Ski Montaineering Federation (ISMF), the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) and the International Amateur Association of Canyoning (IAAC); European Network of Outdoor Sports (ENOS); World Trails Network (WTN); the activities of Mountaineering, Caravanning, Camping, Caravanning, Canyoning, Climbing (rock climbing, ice climbing and competition climbing, in its various aspects), Ski-mountaineering, Mountaineering, Hiking and Skyrunning.

The practice of canyoning started in the 80s, in Gerês. A group of mountaineers, attracted by the inaccessibility and beauty of some embedded valleys, equipped themselves with climbing equipment and set out to discover some gorges. Many maps were used to study the topography of the land and discovering beautiful canyons was the expected outcome. However, not all canyoning routes are released to the public to protect the natural environment of the canyons, out of the fear of generalisation of the activity.The most interesting canyoning routes are located in the mountains of Gerês, Alvão, Arada and Freita, as well as on the island of Madeira.

Various courses of canyoning levels take place in Portugal. As we read in the official website of FCMP, after a first descent, it becomes difficult to resist the charms of this sport, in which adventure and discovery take place in a magical environment of water and mountains. But it must not be forgotten that, like almost all adventure sports, canyoning involves certain risks that should not be ignored.

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