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Canyon and Nature Sports Research Association (KAD: Kanyonve Doğa Sporları Araştırma Derneği) is an official member of the Fédération Internationale de Canyonisme (FIC). Turkey is a country with high mountain masses, high waterfalls, deep valleys, crater lakes and beautiful canyons. Many years ago, outdoor activities lovers discovered the extreme sport of canyoning and they realised that this amazing and fun activity needs to be established in the proper way.

Canyon and Nature Sports Research Association is specialising in canyon crossing, developing disciplined training programs to ensure that people practicing canyoning are skilled enough to enjoy descending but also working on safety and the prevention of accidents. Canyoning is gaining popularity in Turkey and one of the main goals of the Association is to take an active role in raising generations of canyoners that are respectful and sensitive to nature, especially the environment in canyons.

Starting with the Basic Canyon Education Program one gets acquainted with the sport of canyoning following the next step by participating in the Advanced Canyon Education Program. KAD is also offering First Aid Training Programs as well as Search and Rescue Training Programs. The core belief of Canyon and Nature Sports Research Association is that competent, well-equipped, sharing information, update and develop the sport on an individual and group level will offer many opportunities to the canyoning community in the country. To read more about KAD you can go here: and visit Facebook profile here:

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