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In the southern part of Greece a unique island is welcoming all guests with open arms! Crete, a combination of sea and tall mountains, hills, peninsulas, gorges, caves and ancient history has the ideal environment for perfect canyoning. There, you can enjoy the very famous Greek hospitality, amazing food, great swims and all sorts of terrain for any level of canyoning. International flights go directly to Crete, or you can catch a flight from Athens. You can get there also by boat from Piraeus and from some Greek islands.

Crete is a favorite place for many Greek canyoners, choosingto spend Easter holidays or early spring short vacations, as March and April are the best months of the year to visit most of the canyons that lose their waterflow during the summer. Locals are accustomed to canyoning teams and you can even get help on transports and guidance under communication with the Cretan canyoning groups. Topos, maps, books and infos are available in many canyoning websites and in social media, in groups and pages about Greek canyoning. From high descents of 220, 200, 140 meters to dark cave canyoning and fresh, green-blue water to white water canyoning,Crete is a real canyoning paradise on Earth.

Cretan Canyoning Association

The Cretan Canyoning Association(CCA) was established in the beginning of 2007 with main goal to offer courses according to the standards of French and Italian canyoning schools. Among canyoningeducational activities securing, repairing, preserving, exploring, mapping as well as opening new canyons in Crete and other parts of Greece is motivating all members of the Cretan Canyoning Association. You can read more here: and a brief description of 45 canyons of Crete here: Also you can visit Facebook page: Yiannis Bromoirakis, the leader of CCA, has come down almost all canyons in Greece and many more in Europe. He is behind the books about canyons in Crete and a book about the canyons of Kithira – a small island under Peloponnese.

Greek Mountaineering Club of Hania

The Chania branch of the Greek Mountaineering Association -that was the first name of the Greek Mountaineering Club- was founded on 28th of September 1930.The Mountaineering Club of Chania has offered many people the opportunity to discover the most beautiful mountainous, flat and coastal landscapes in the prefecture of Chania as well as a lot of magnificent areas in other parts of Crete. The Club has promoted tourism on Crete. The outdoor activities of the Club include canyoning. You can read more here: and visit Facebook page:

Hellenic Mountaineering Association – Heraklion Department

The Heraklion branch of the Greek Mountaineering Association was founded in 1932 by 23 nature lovers from Heraklion under the name Hellenic Mountaineering Association – Heraklion Department. Among trekking, mountaineering, skiing and climbing one can enroll for canyoning as well. You can read more here: and visit Facebook page:

In Heraklion you can also contact Manos Petrakis, Facebook group:

In Rethymnon there is an independent canyoning group and in Kapetaniana there is an independent climbing group that also practices canyoning. Apart from the previous reported organizations professional guides can assist any international canyoners looking for nice descents in the beautiful canyons of Crete.

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