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The most wonderful time of the year is there and you have made canyoning plans with your friends – what a great opportunity to go canyoning, to your favorite canyon, with your best canyoning mates!

Oops – what about your family? Pretty sure they are looking forward to spending the holidays with you, going shopping for the season’s gifts and the dinner table, preparing the house for guests and spending each day, of your free days from work, to celebrate and get some time together.

For those of you, who are fortunate to be paired with a canyoner already, things are a bit easier. Couple’s Xmas and New Year’s canyoning holidays can be amazing – especially to exotic places where the weather is milder than in Europe and the USA. But what about canyoners in a relationship with or marriage to a person who doesn’t practice canyoning at all? What about the kids? Well, depending on the status of your understanding with your “other half” and your family there are many options to spend the holidays so everybody can be happy and joyful. The fact is that, when there is love and mutual understanding, things can be very fulfilling. Going for some holiday canyoning can even improve your relationships.

So, when planning to go canyoning during that time of the year, make sure to give your family the proper attention before you depart for your trip. Spend some quality time with your partner and your significant family members, exchange presents a couple of days before you go, have a nice dinner, go out for a nice walk in nature and share the Christmas spirit with all the beloved people in your life. Then take all that positive energy with you in the canyons. And when you are on the ropes on December 25th or January 1st hurry to call home, as soon as you get to your car, to exchanges wishes and share your experience. If you get homesick that is a good thing. It is the essence that connects you to everything you love and appreciate, a kindly reminder of gratitude in your life. Have a great Xmas and New Year’s canyoning holiday!

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