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After the expansion of canyoning around the world the need of an association to connect local canyoning structures and the exchanges of experiences and topics between international canyoners created IAAC – the International Association of Amateur Canyoners.

Main objectives of IAAC is to help canyoners of the world to get together via a network of national groups that practice and develop amateur canyoning but also to coordinate RIC randevouz ensuring international cooperations to establish the connection between the countries that form the association.

Members of IAAC:

France: The FFS (Federation French- caving dency) and SCF (French School Canyon) and the FFME (French Federation of the mountain and climbing), USA: ACC (Coalison of American canyoneers)
Spain: FECV (Federation hoped there leologia Canyon Valenciana), CEC (Confederación de Espeleología y Cañones), FEDME (Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada), FBME (Federación Balear de Montaña y Escalada – canyon Committee), AEB (Espeleologia Association of Barcelona)
Portugal: JPKF (Federação de Campismo e Montanhismo of Portugal)
Germany: DCV (Verein Deutscher canyoning)
Greece: FHS (Hellenic Federation of Speleology)
Belgium: CTV (Canyon Team Vlaanderen), UBS (Belgian Union of Speleology)
Japan: Canyon Magazine
Netherlands: NTC (Canyon Team Nederland), DCA (Dutch Canyoning Association)
Brazil: GB CAN (Grupo Brasileiro of canionismo)

To read the full history about the International Association of Amateur Canyoners you can visit the following link:

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