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Canyoning is growing in popularity in many countries on earth, one of them being Japan. Following the example of European countries, USA and Australia, a group of Japanese canyoners created Japan Canyoning Association as anon-profit organisation.

Main target of the Association is to convey the beauty and splendor of Japan’s nature that can be experienced through canyoning. Therefore, offering CIC courses for all levels of canyoning, with European trained instructors and based on the European standards of training, is a very important step for all canyoners in Japan.

The International Canyoning Committee (CIC) is in close cooperation with the Japan Canyoning Association to establish domestic standards and support canyoners for overseas canyoning expeditions.

The certification system in Japan is following the European system and only the Association is responsible to hand out certificates to those who have successfully completed their courses from a beginners level and up to a professional canyoning guide level.

Safety, skills, the danger in nature, technical support, rope management, practice and hard work towards the goal of introducing more people to this amazing sport are the direction of actions taken by the Japan Canyoning Association.

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