Canyoning, Equipment, Essentials


Canyoning is a sport that can be practiced all year round. It is a very beautiful and active way to fill Friday-Saturday-Sunday with unique images and experiences in nature.It can also be a goal for a long vacation in many countries in the world.

Below you can read a brief list of equipment for moving around the mountains, where you can enjoy with safety a comfortable stay.

Mountain equipment:

– Woolen or fleece beanie or hat.

– Hat or scarf for the sun.

– Buff

– Sunscreen face cream for high protection.

– Lip balm – preferably with sunscreen.

– Sunglasses.

– Woolen or fleece gloves or isothermal or windproof.

– Waterproof and breathable gloves with non-slip handle surface.

– Woolen or synthetic mountaineering socks (2-3 pairs).

– Mountaineering boots depending on the season.

– Base layer underwear and clothes (short sleeve, long sleeve, pants).

– Soft shell jacket and pants.

– Fleece or woolen sweater.

– Feathers or synthetic vest.

– Mountaineering jacket.

– Slim waterproof, breathable, windproof jacket.

– Thin isothermal leggings.

– Fleece or wool leggings or pants.

– Waterproof and breathable mountaineering jumpsuit with zipper along its entire length on each leg for ventilation and easy-to-wear application.

– Jogging leggings or synthetic long shorts for the summer.

– Backpack with an average capacity of 45 – 60 lt, designed to comfortably carry large loads on multi-day ascents and crossings in case you want to set up a camp that requires long walking to access it.

Some equipment listed below are included to all smartphones nowadays. However, there are districts on the mountains where your smartphone might not have a very reliable connection, so you might consider some more traditional tools.

Living and survival equipment:

-Headlamp with extra batteries – bulbs.

– Compass.

– GPS.

– Altimeter.

– Atmosphere thermometer.

– District Map.

– Small radio for the weather report.

– Your personal, private pharmacy.

– Toilet paper, baby wipes (extremely important).

– Water bottle with insulating cover.

– Thermos.

– Tent.

– Substrate.

– Synthetic or feather sleeping bag.

– Isolation mat.

– Pillow

– Liner for sleeping bag

– Mosquito net

– Aluminum blanket.

– Cooker, stove, matches, lighter (in a waterproof case).

– Cook set, knife, spoon, fork.

– Nylon bags for packing and garbage.

– Notebook with pencil (withstands low temperatures).

– Small repair kit with needle, thread, cords.

– A multi-tool.

– Small binoculars.

– A wireless VHF.

– Your mobile phone.

– A waterproof camera.

– A drone.

Camping and canyoning is an amazing combination!

Try it!

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