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CBC – the Confederação Brasileira de Canionismo is a private non-profit entity of sports administration, responsible for the management of canyoning within the national territory of Brazil. The Brazilian Canyoning Confederation is formed by the various Canyonism Federations existing in Brazil. 

FCB – the Brazilian Federation of Canyoning – is a non-profit institution responsible for sports management of canyoning activities in the Federal District of Brazil. Main target of the federation is the continuous training of all members at different levels of autonomous canyoning.

FPC – Federação Paulista de Canionismo – aims to lead the development of programs that enhance the growth of activity and inspire people to adhere to Canyoning as a lifestyle driven by the high values of passion for canyoning; transparency; ethic; excellence and unconditional respect for the environment.

GBCAN – The Brazilian Canyoning Group -is a non-profit association of practitioners of canyoning sports with main goal to disseminate the safe practice of the activity, through: Sports Meetings, Lectures, Courses, exchanges with other Associations and Practitioners, Workshops, Explorations, Autonomous Sports Descendants and any other way that can contribute to the development of the sport.

All associations are official members of FIC (Fédération Internationale de Canyonisme).

After the announcement of FIC, the Brazilian Confederation of Canyoning [ConfederaçãoBrasileira de Canionismo (CBC)] will be hosting the RIC Brazil 2022 in April. The most likely dates will be the 8th through the 17th. The host city is Praia Grande, Santa Catarina. This is near the National Parks of Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral. CBC is excited to organize the event. They will include a canyon competition. More information will be provided as the details are worked out.

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