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Three pioneers (Alfons Zaunhuber, Peter Neuhausler and Peter Helmlinger) who have already started getting into canyons even back in the 80s decided to found an association for the love of canyoning, protection of nature, members training and joint canyoning trips.

In the summer of 1995 the “German Canyoneering Association” (DCV) was officially founded and has grown to over 300 members. As canyoning is a sport that requires physical fitness, skills in climbing and abseiling plus wild water techniques, DCV offers a broad training program and various events to practice.

DCV provides its members with free services related to the canyoning sport:

• An extensive library and a topographic database with editorially checked, German-language gorge descriptions.

• Discounted participation in courses from beginner level to recovery and rescue techniques, white water course and more.

• Organizes its own canyoning tours (exclusively for members) and provides forums on the internet where members can arrange their own tours and other activities.

• Is committed to preserving the unique gorges as a habitat for animals and plants. A permanent, critical weighing between the protection of nature and the interests of the canyon walkers is a condition for this. The DCV has given itself a code of conduct for the gentlest possible canyoning sport.

• Actively maintains contact with the other canyoning associations / clubs.

German Canyoneering Association is a non-profit organization so member fees are low and families are most welcome. During the family camps various canyoning groups of different ages from 8 to 80 years offer unforgettable experiences to all participants.

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