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Espeleo Clube and Descenso de Canones (EC/DC) was established in 2005 by a group of dedicated people practicing caving and canyoning across Spain. The Portuguese association is a non-profit organisation since 2012, federated in the FCMP. EC/DC Portugal has the mission to develop the sport of canyoning in the country (mainland and islands).

The club’s board is responsible for all actions aiming to promote canyoning. Main objectives are the technical and scientific courses for beginners, autonomous and advanced canyoners as well as competitions, canyoning meetings and leisure travels for all members.

To read more about EC/DC canyoning association Portugal you can visit the official website: to enjoy an amazing homepage video and great graphic design.

The most helpful pages however are here: Looking at the map of Portugal you can choose the district you wish to visit. There you can find extremely well designed maps and topos of the canyons that are really helpful, printable and full of information. It is a unique and free offer to all canyoners living or visiting Portugal that we need to praise, as part of the canyoning community.

Apart from the official website you can like and share EC/DC Facebook page here:

EC/DC canyoning association Portugal is organising every two years Vallis canyoning meeting with participant canyoners from all over the world, who come to enjoy the beautiful nature of Serra da Freita and Montanhas Mágicas. To learn more about Vallis canyoning meetings you can visit:

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