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The creation of canyoning.ai logo

One of the most pleasant times during canyoning is when your friends take a photo of you abseiling, sliding or jumping. Then you know that your epic adventure under the water of a cascade can remain in history and everybody in social media will say wow – lol!  

Well, since the graphic designer who created our logo is a canyoner, she decided to try and express the “feeling” of someone (the black dot of the logo) descending a waterfall (the light blue letter C) in the wonderful surroundings of a friendly forest (the gradient green/blue background).

The meaning of canyoning.ai logo is better understood in our short animated video done by friend and movie maker Koralia Martinou, who decided to help us capture the moment where a canyoner gets photographed having fun during abseiling.

Great job Koralia! Thank you very much!!  We hope to see you canyoning, too!

Follow Koralia at https://www.instagram.com/koralia_mrtn/