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Little Buddha statue meditating on a leaf

A little bit of anxiety before canyoning is healthy. It is a sign that you are looking to be proactive, preparing your gear and yourself for a safe descent. However, too much of it (especially combined with adrenaline) will affect negatively your canyoning experience.

Most of the contemporary trends towards a better way of enjoying everyday life is expressed by the motto “Living in the moment” suggesting mindfulness and meditation to be the best options leading to happiness and positive feelings.

If you are a beginner in canyoning making a check list of all necessary actions before entering a canyon descent can be very reassuring and helpful. Once you start setting your moves together the more you go canyoning the fastest your fears and anxiety will disappear. Nevertheless, putting your mind at ease before canyoning can calm your nerves and allow you to be your best self.

But, what is meditation?

Well, even if it is a very common word lately, many misinterpretations have created a blur definition of meditation. First of all you don’t need to become someone else, new or better. Competition is not the case. Nor is self-criticism. Second of all it is not about turning off your thoughts or putting down your emotions.

Meditation is more about training to master various techniques – like canyoning more or less. For example, mastering awareness. Getting a healthy sense of perspective. Mastering observation of your thoughts without judgment. And finally, developing an understanding of your feelings as a result of these thoughts. So, learning to meditate is like learning any other skill. Looks like performing a muscle exercise for the first time and then go on, until the practice gets comfortable.

There are countless meditation information on the internet. If you look for it, you will find the best and suitable combination for your belief system, that might assist you put at ease your canyoning anxiety, as well as the challenges you might be facing in every day living. A very trustworthy source is . Feel free to read the amazing articles provided to make up your mind, should you decide to go for it.

Canyoning and Meditation – is this possible?

Lol! If you have the image of a monk sitting with the eyes closed for countless hours meditating don’t try to picture yourself dressed up with your neoprene suit, with all your metals, wrapped with your canyoning rope and sitting on a rock with the waterfall roaming next to you. Lol!

Instead, you can have some nice, soothing music in your car while driving towards the canyon. A joyful, five minutes, breathing exercise before getting into the first rappel might lift your spirit up. Even joking and laughing with your canyoning mates can have a relaxing effect. Just put your attention to it and your whole self will respond with positive vibes.

Enjoy life – enjoy canyoning!

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