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A woman canyoner setting a descent

Women started participating in canyoning descents in the late 80’s beginning of 90’s, along with their male friends after getting to know caving and climbing, as outdoor activities. Today, one can say that the number of women in canyons is the same as men and in many cases they outnumber.

Canyoning has this unique and playful character that women adore plus it challenges the spirit and mind. A little competition to become a better canyoner and the cooperation between athletes is one of the qualities that attract both sexes. However women in canyoning can be extremely dedicated to their team, their canyoning friends and the sport itself.

In many countries, where canyoning is a very well-known extreme outdoor activity, one can find a huge number of women autonomous canyoners but also in all levels of the canyoning systems of education (Canyon FFS Commission initiateurs, moniteurs, instructeurs) and professional guides working at canyoneering companies. Nevertheless, in the field of professionalism in canyoning more women work as administrators and organizers while in explorations managing the drill is also an excellent female capacity.

Women in canyoning create a joyful descent with their colorful gear, their happy helmets and fluorescent backpacks. Laughing and striking smiling poses to be photographed but also seriously setting the belays, gather the ropes and showing extreme caution while facing a difficulty,  makes women an integral part of the sport.

If you are a female canyoner reading this blog post and have a profile in social media you can participate in various groups in your countries gathering women for our favorite sport. “Women in canyoning” in Facebook ( is an international women’s group where you might find new friends and share ideas. “Canyoning ai” page in Facebook ( also has many women canyoners as members, so here you can connect to fellow women canyoners as well.

If you are a male canyoner reading this blog post there are some tips we would like to share with you, concerning your women canyoning team members during a descent:

• Respect is a top priority for a great day in a canyon

• Support in difficult crossings and maneuvers, as a real gentleman, gives every woman – even the most experienced canyoner – a sense of security

• Equal treatment when it comes to technical parts of setting a descent is important for keeping the balance of your team. If you have doubts as a leader of a group (presumably knowing the number of rappels and the hights /technical difficulties of each descent) test your members of accurate knowledge (so trust can build up) on the easy parts of the canyon.

• Humor and funny stories are essential

• Understanding and forethought that there might be difficulties on a “difficult” female day will help everyone in your team enjoy the most out of your canyoning excursion.

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