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The! canyoning shoes. One of THE most important elements for your safety during canyoning.

Canyoning shoes have a specific construction and design to keep your feet solid to the slippery ground of rocks that you come against during your descent in a canyon. Yet they can somewhat float and are no obstacle while you swim across the water ponds. Canyoning shoes are made by materials that dry fast and have systems of tiny-little holes to extract the water. You always need to wear them with neoprene socks – other materials are not recommended (cotton is out of the question). Usually they come in the form of boots but you can also find canyoning shoes with a low cut at the ankle. When you are a beginner canyoner it is essential to try your first canyoning shoes with a pair on neoprene socks in person. Have in mind that while your feet enter the water they will get wet inside/out. So it is important that you choose the proper size of shoes – not to tight but not to loose either. In time you will adjust the pressure of your laces or Velcro for a comfortable use and after a while, when you will need to replace them – unfortunately they are disposable if you practice canyoning often – you will be able to order them online at the various canyoning e-shops.

Further below you can read about some of the canyoning shoes offered in the market. We hope that this article is helpful and enjoyable. Keep safe, have fun canyoning!

Bestard canyoning shoes

Calzados Bestard is a family business in Mallorca since 1940, that is manufacturing mountain footwear even today, aiming the highest quality and most advanced technology possible. Hidro line is famous among the canyoning community and here we will just present in a quick look all the models available for men and women:

“Canyon Guide” (black or color edition but also lady edition). An up high ankle canyoning boot that will give you stability and ease. The Vibram Best Idrogrip outsole is giving you an outstanding sense of adhesion on the wet and slippery surfaces in a canyon. High quality materials offer durability for extended use while low weight and lacing system provide you with comfort and protection during long hours of canyoning.

“Wildwater Pro” (mid-cut boot). Suggested by the name it is a boot for whitewater sports like rafting, kayaking and canyoning where shoes need to dry out of water the fastest possible. High quality materials and an addition of rubber reinforcement at the toe, collar made of neoprene and Cordura, a secure lace-lock tying system and Vibram Best Idrogrip outsole offer each canyoner softness, comfort, support and resistance.

“Aqua Pro” (low cut canyoning shoes). Famous Bestard adhesion and durability but also comfort, security and protection are the qualities of this design, that offers optimal performance during both approach and intensive activity. Efficient extraction of water and the lacing system with a special pocket offer the best feeling for athletes of canyoning, kayaking, trekking through tropical environment, coastering, rafting and similar sports.

Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace canyoning shoes

In November 2011 Adidas signed a share purchase agreement to acquire Five Ten, the leading performance brand in outdoor action sports, also the most beloved canyoning shoe in the previews years. As a consequence of this joint effort Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace shoes were born. Numerous qualities ideal for canyoning are provided by these new set of up high boots such as the high-traction outsole made of Stealth® rubber – with the ideal grip on the slippery rocks of a canyon and the AdiPrene® insert in the heel for comfort, absorption of shock and optimal cushioning. Inner material neoprene for endurance and warmth plus higher, softer shaft with Velcro make Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace one of the best canyoning shoes in the market.

Fitwell canyoning shoes

Made in Italy, a country full of canyons, Fitwell canyoning shoes are innovative and specifically designed for this extreme sport. Fast drying through quick transition of water and thermal resistance plus a gaiter protecting your feet from debris are two very important assets of Fitwell shoes. The grip sole made of Vibram® Multitendos + EVA will offer you safe touch on the ground and the light weight of 525 gr per shoe will give you comfort and endurance for many, enjoyable hours of canyoning.

Mont-Bell Shower Climber canyoning shoes

Made in Japan and connected to the popular sport in Taiwan and Japan called shower climbing, this model is not very famous among canyoners. They are lightweight boots that fit perfectly because of their laces up to the ankle. Extracting the water through a mesh construction make them dry very quickly but there is no inadequate insulation which is a contra to cold climate canyoning. In fact although they have an amazing Aqua gripper outsole, Sawer Climber boots are rather delicate for heavy canyoning nevertheless ideal for wet technical routes with more rock climbing.

MIC CANYON canyoning shoes

A canyoning boot made of rubber that offers an anti-slip mechanical protection, has a good resistance to abrasion and an interior for quick drying is an affordable option for men and women.

La Sportiva TX Canyon canyoning shoes released summer 2022

The history of La Sportiva started in 1928 in the area of Dolomites, Italy. Now a days, it is one of the greatest manufacturers in the world of outdoor activities shoes and has a broad range of products for mountaineering, climbing, trekking, ski mountaineering and mountain running exported in more than 70 countries. TXCanyon is the brand new canyoneering boot of La Sportiva, specifically designed for water activities. It is a durable, fast drying and eco-compatible footwear that provides safety and excellent grip. The rounded corners of the shoe’s sole provide a sense of freedom while walking on stones and roots plus the two drain valves are the perfect element of TX Canyon – among other very practical / technical details of this unique shoe.

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