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Canyoners swimming in a river during canyoning

Many times when canyoning, either during the approach or the exit, a canyoner must walk and swim in a river. It is also very common, that many parts of rivers give the opportunity for people to enjoy walking, trekking and swimming in the river water for an extended time, before or after they become waterfalls in gorges, that need technical gear. So, in simple terms, we can call this activity river canyoning.

We could say that river canyoning is a rejuvenating sport in nature without the difficulty and skills required for canyoning. One can experience the thrill of walking on the slippery rocks and swimming with or against the current. Setting a nice camping spot and playing up and down the river can become a wonderful weekend, river canyoning excursion, for families with children and older family members, as well as friends who don’t practice canyoning.

In many places on earth there are professionals offering river canyoning experiences, something you can combine with the touristic attractions of the place you are visiting on vacation with your loved ones (who might not be that much into canyoning).

River canyoning can be fun and refreshing during a warm summer day, so we highly recommend it even for once. Please always have in mind that it is essential to use some basic equipment like a neoprene suit, proper shoes, neoprene socks / gloves, a hat and sunscreen lotion to avoid hypothermia and sunburn. Also, don’t forget to drink a lot of fluids, as the river water might trick you and you might get dehydration during river canyoning.

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