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A canyoner with a canyoning backpack draining out water

In this blog post we would like to refer to this essential canyoning equipment: the canyoning backpack.

Canyoning backpacks have a specific design and construction, as they get stuffed with ropes and waterproof tanks, dragged around, thrown over and – most of all – get totally wet inside/out. Sometimes canyoning backpacks might carry a full load of over 30 kilos. This is the reason why it is very important to purchase your backpack with criteria that meet your personal needs according to your canyoning level and future plans.

You can find online many products, in various prices and styles. If you are a beginner looking for your ideal canyoning backpack, it is suggested that you try it on before you decide to purchase it.

Further below you can read about some of the backpacks offered in the market. We hope that this article is helpful and enjoyable. Keep safe, have fun canyoning!

Trevelez backpack, by Caverland

This canyoning backpack is available in various colors and three sizes 35 lt.,45 lt., 50 lt., unisex for men and women, made in Spain from 700gr/m PVC. It is made of high quality materials, is very comfortable and robust – yet easy to carry – giving a very good, ergonomic back support. Water drains very fast due to the grill at the bottom. Practical detail is the insert foam for flotation and the division of the backpack into two parts.

Professione Canyon Backpack KIT 23

A canyoning backpack that drains really fast and is buoyant. It is covered in 900 g/sq.m. PVC making it extremely sturdy. The bottom part is removable and easy to replace. On demand it can contain a central partition for two ropes. Shoulder straps are easy to remove and be replaced if needed. The backpack has one central gear holder plus side tie-in loops for the ends of the rope.

Adventure Verticale Water Grille 40L (AVCA27)

This is a light (1230 g.) yet durable canyoning backpack with 1100 dTex 900 g/m2 PVC varnish. High resistant canvas, grille and bottom with round holes for fast dry and stitch protective piping, padded shoulder straps and two inside gear loops. Height: 50 cm, one size for men and women.

Rodcle Racer Lodrino 40L Backpack

A top quality canyoning backpack, technical level expert / professional, medium size, heavy load and super fast water release backpack. Four Hidroplus water outlets offer extra drainage of the water. The padded back panel works as a floating system while all parts of the backpack are specifically designed for ultimate comfort and functionality for the most demanding user.

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