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Canyoning course in Minakami Japan

Why is choosing the right canyoning team a rather demanding procedure? Well…, there is always a story behind it.

Most of the canyoners on earth have followed the same steps to get acquainted with this amazing sport. Someone, somewhere, somehow invited them to an introductory canyon descent. History has proven that eight out of ten people who have taken this opportunity could not just let it go. They had to try it again and again. The felling of canyoning and the experience in the canyons was stuck in their minds for days.

The evolution of a beginner to an autonomous canyoner or more

Speaking from my personal experience, I can still remember how eager I was to sneak into a group of canyoners and spend the weekend abseiling, jumping and swimming in the crystal clear waters of a canyon. I just couldn’t stop. However, soon enough, I realized that if I wanted to have a better understanding of the sport I had to take a class!

Canyoning courses – the cocoon of future canyoners

Canyoning is rising around the world. It is getting acknowledged as an amazing outdoor activity. Almost all countries with mountains have canyoning associations and local canyoning clubs with common goals: the evolution of the sport through safety and technical education, protection of the environment, organization of local and international canyoning meetings, locations for practice and essential gear collections (ropes, neoprene suits, harnesses, helmets etc.) to invite and inspire their members. Many associations have extremely talented canyoners who offer their experience as instructors, others participate into global canyoning organizations that set the guidelines of this sport and professionally interested canyoners can become guides by entering the world of touristic descents.

So, how can someone choose the right canyoning team and enjoy?

As a beginner one can google the nearest canyoning spots / clubs / organisations. Usually, there you can start participating in a group, with other beginners, to various descents. Each organisation has leading experts and assistant canyoners to help you get introduced to canyoning. If you want to continue, then you need to proceed with canyoning courses on theory and technical practice in educational canyons. At this point you can experience higher rappels, more water, technical rope riggings, night canyoning, written exams, etc. So now comes the juicy part. In your classes you will meet fellow canyoners. Along with your trainers (or without them later on) you will form small groups of 6-8 people. Depending on the understanding between you… the right team will be created. It might take you some time to get closer to more and the suitable canyoners for your mindset – but canyoning is all about cooperation and communication so don’t worry! You will find the right people and they will find you.

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