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The Dutch Canyoning Bond logo and a canyoner rappelling in an extreme waterfall, full of white water

Canyoning is not very popular in the Netherlands. However NCB was created to develop this amazing sport in the country, as well as to offer proper, professional training to local canyoners. The Dutch Canyoning Bond history started 2009 by a group of people commercially working for outdoor activities. In the sector of canyoning most of the canyon guides worked abroad.

The mission of NCB is:

to achieve international recognition drawing a national guideline for private or commercial level of canyoning training and ensure quality control of all courses and diplomas. Establishing a registration form for all Dutch canyoners, promote the sport, empowering future professional canyoners with the ability to work abroad, connect members with other international associations, creating a database for accredited guides and setting up an accident registration system are the short/long term goals of the Dutch Canyoning Bond.

The courses offered of NBC are:

Canyoning Introduction, Basic Canyoner, Advanced Canyoner, Basic Canyon Guide, Advanced Canyon Guide, Canyoning Instructor and Assessor. As you know, there are no canyons in the Netherlands because the landscape is too flat. However, in Europe there are amazing canyons in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Greece. Also many known canyons are located outside Europe, therefore courses are programmed abroad.

To read more about the Dutch Canyoning Bond  and all scheduled courses you can visit the official website: Also you can visit Facebook page:

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