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Two water drops falling in love

Falling in love with a canyoner is the beginning of an ultra adventurous life!

Bye-bye boredom, bye-bye regular weekends, bye-bye fancy hotels – hello nature, fun and action, adrenaline and physical endurance, nights with a million stars in the sky and crazy, lively, canyoning people/new friends!

As you are now reading this blog post I hope that you have already read (or you are about to read) some of the articles in this website. Therefore, if you are not a canyoner, you can have many information about this amazing – extreme sport, but also get an idea about the people practicing canyoning: the canyoners.

Well, as all outdoor activities, canyoning is not only a sport. It is a way of living. And… if you want to win a canyoner’s heart – (it applies to all, male or female) – you need to let them be free and enjoy canyoning, as much as they feel the call to do it. Canyoners have some common characteristics, so it is rather easy to understand them, once you get to know what they love, appreciate and are looking forward to.

A canyoner wants to:

• Descend in canyons as often as possible.

– Some go every weekend, for many years, their whole life is combined with the sport.

– Some go every other weekend, explore other outdoor activities as well, have friends from different groups, just love the outdoor living in all aspects.

– Some go once or twice in a month, love nature, hiking, camping and exploring but also appreciate city living, a good movie, a nice bottle of fine wine, dancing, cooking, reading books and learning new things.

– Last but not least, there are some who want it all. They are restless, programming their next activity round the clock and they live life to the fullest, enjoying everything.

• Have a great canyoning team.

A canyoning team is like a family. Can’t live with them – can’t live without them… lol! A trusting team is the joy of canyoning. Sharing the same enthusiasm, making plans all together, sharing cars/ropes/food/jokes/tents, share and analyze personal problems before and after the descent, enjoy cold beers at the exit, exchange photographs in the week, set a new canyon exploration, have fun and make dreams for the next canyoning vacations.

• Get information about canyons/gear/techniques/events

Social media is so far the best media to get information about all kinds of canyoning descents, old and new videos, canyoning courses, meetings and events. Almost all local and international canyoning associations of amateur canyoners but also professionals have Instagram and Facebook pages. Countless groups of canyoners communicate through Messenger and WhatsApp. Additionally, all new gear and techniques need to be studied and evaluated, not to mention e-shop offers in products and prices. Did you get the picture? Great! On our next blog post we will share some tips for non canyoners and canyoners… falling in love with… a canyoner.

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