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Items you can store in your waterproof barrel during canyoning

In canyoning we use air and watertight containers/barrels made of polyethylene to secure all possible items we might need during a descent from getting wet. The propeller shaped lid with has a rubber ring and ensures an effective closure to protect the content of the barrel for the moment you will need it dry for further use. The barrel itself is almost unbreakable and seals tightly with a screw lid – very easy to use.

In your waterproof barrel you can store and protect from water:

– Your personal first aid kit

– Food (preferably dry food, ready to make soups, chocolates for energy, nuts, energy bars, etc.)

– Extra food (just in case of longer stay in the canyon)

– Sugar sticks (to keep blood glucose levels high if needed)

– Beverages (green tea is the best option)

– Headlamp with fully charged batteries

– A set of extra batteries for the headlamp

– Aluminum blanket

– A tealight

– Lighter and matches

– Mask or swimming goggles

– Stove and small fuel canister for boiling water

– Inox cup and/or kettle

– A Compass

– Area map

– Canyoning topo

– Your phone (secured in an extra waterproof smartphone bag)

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