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A team of canyoners with Yannis Bromoirakis

Saturday 16/10 was the first canyoning day of the meeting and all groups were anticipating to go into canyons. After a delicious breakfast each team had a meeting to decide the location of their first canyoning descent.

My team, total 10 canyoners (from Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, USA and Greece), chose Xerofaraggo and Panagia, started at 09h00 from the hotel and after one hour drive reached our destination.

The weather report was rather accurate. It rained for maybe an hour in the morning but then the sun came up so we could enjoy our day. Xerogaraggo was very pretty but almost dry, with some nasty/dirty ponds that were the cause of laughter among all members, as nobody wanted to enter into the dirty water but everybody had to.  Half of us returned to Arion Palace and the rest decided to visit Panagia canyon – I am looking forward to their comments and photographs! ( they said it was fun xoxo)

Looking at the photographs in my Olympus camera a big smile is my only expression. You might think canyoning is an extreme sport that looks so dangerous… but for all canyoners in the world it is the pure essence of happiness.

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