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Thursday, 19/10/2021. Today’s menu was very rich at our canyoning meeting here in Crete! Five different teams went to five different canyons and my team met one French group so we shared separately the same one: Panagia (former Kalami II). We decided to go to the beach after the canyon but they continued to descend Xerogaraggo, a dry canyon on the left side of Panagia (former Kalami I).

The weather report was giving some cloudy hours during our descent but instead the sun was shining all day long and we got a great autumn tan. The descend was an absolute delight as there was (almost) fresh running water in the canyon and we could play with the waterfalls. We were total 10 canyoners from 4 different countries brought together by this amazing sport where there are no barriers between countries just pure cooperation and fun.

RIC2020CRETE had organized a movie night here at the Arion Palace Hotel and we were all looking forward to watch it after a delicious dinner.

I must say our hosts (both all hotel employees but also our canyoning meeting people) are doing the best to make us feel at home and happy. I would like to express my gratitude to every single one. Thank you!

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