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Wednesday 20/10/ was one of the most beautiful days here at RIC2020CRETE. The weather was perfect and all canyoning groups were prepared to descend various canyons in the district, not that far away from our base at Arion Palace Hotel in Ierapetra.

If you want to catch the spirit of today’s descents you can visit RIC2020CRETE Facebook page here:

My canyoning group decided to visit Portela II & III, one of the most amazing canyons in the district of Keratokampos, a true nature’s sculpture. It has the same exit with Kavousi II but the entrance is much further up the mountain and requires logistics with 2 or more cars, if you are a bigger team than 7-8 people. Our descent was just wonderful and our group is now becoming like family after having descended together 5 canyons. Our bond is now obvious and we enjoy the meeting even more having fun and lots of laughs!

The day continued with some rest in the afternoon because at 21h00 the organizing team of the meeting had some very interesting plans: traditional live music by a local Cretan amateur band and dancing lessons by Yannis Bromirakis. Everybody had a great time and most of the people were literally dragged to the dance floor by him and were forced to participate weather they liked it or not LOL!!! (they all enjoyed it in the end)

Cretan hospitality and spirit is everywhere around us here at this meeting! If you follow the page of the organising team you will see only smiles and fun moments. Thank you for this unique experience!

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