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ARVI “LA GRAND DAME” – RIC2020CRETE – 22/10/21

If you can resemble Cha canyon to a “King” and Portela canyon to a “Princess” then Arvi canyon is the “Great Lady” of all canyons in Grete. It is not only because of the feminine Greek name of the canyon nor is it because of “her” big descent of 82 meters. Arvi canyon has a hidden and dark part that brings all canyoners to a secret place under the earth but also, this unique canyon offers water to the valley of the village when the water level is high. Therefore, like a royal woman, this canyon has a multiple personality and an amazing beauty… when there is enough water flow.

My team and I knew that there is no water in the canyon and we would suffer from dirty/filthy pools. However, we decided to go because we wanted to experience the large rappels and the atmosphere of Arvi – especially my fellow canyoners who might not have the opportunity to visit the island of Crete very soon in the future.

I have to say that after seeing this canyon with a moderate water flow I was a bit disappointed with the conditions today. But, still, the descent of 82 meters was my favourite. Looking forward to visit “La Grand Dame” sometime soon in spring, where the clean, clear water is creating beautiful ponds and spectacular rappels.


After the canyon we visited a traditional Cretan distillery at the village Oreino, near our base hotel. There, we had the opportunity to observe the traditional production of raki, the most known and beloved alcoholic drink in Crete. A very nice grandmother offered us oranges, pomegranates, plain tomato salad, handmade bread and homemade green olives while the men of the family and Yannis Bromirakis were preparing baked potatoes, chicken wings and steaks on the grill. Everybody had raki and one could only see happy faces and hear laughter and jokes.

I would like to thank all the people taking care of us participants of this RIC2020CRETE and offering us a lifetime experience.

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