Saturday 23 October 2021, the last day of RIC2020CRETE, was the perfect day for a small and relatively dry canyon Mylonas. Three members of my team had to leave Arion Palace Hotel at 13h00 to go to Iraklion, to catch their flights. It was the greatest opportunity to get together early in the morning and do one last canyon as a team.

Somebody had tipped us that thee canyon was absolutely dry (which was not true) so nobody took a neoprene suit. But… there were some water ponds that we could not avoid, so everybody except Chris (who is also a climber) got wet from head to toes. Happy voices and laughter fill one more time the canyon as we moved on rappelling and scrambling with our last target to go down the 40 meters waterfall (today dry) of Mylonas.

At the end of the descent we made a lot of nice pictures together to remember this amazing team that was full of fun, action and cooperation during the whole canyoning meeting. Luckily everything went smoothly, all days and in all canyons, so every single participant is going home safe and sound, tired but very happy.


In the afternoon we had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed coffee at Agios Nikolaos, a beautiful city by the sea with an artificial lake. After doing some shopping in the traditional store “Mpakaliko” who gave to all participants of the canyoning meeting -10% reduced price, we continued to Cinematheater Rex to attend to the Closing Ceremony.

It was a lovely ceremony, very modest and simple but full of emotions, as we enjoyed the traditional music of the very famous lyra musician Dimitris Sgouros and his band, along with the traditional dancing group of Palaia Kriti. After the ceremony many canyoners stayed for a nice dinner and we all returned late at night to the hotel.

A wonderful canyoning meeting ended! Everybody made new canyons and friends!

Thank you!

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