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Logo of the Canyoning Association PuertoRico

CANYONING ASSOCIATION PUERTO RICO (CPRA) is registered as a non-profit corporation, according to the law in Puerto Rico.

According to CPRA website mission of the Association is to:

– Create a specific sports unit.

– Advance knowledge, techniques and practices.

– Expand the international scope.

– Improve the infrastructure.

The vision of the Association is to:

– Encourage and promote the sport of canyoning in Puerto Rico

– Environmental sustainability

– Socially responsible practice

– and its international development

The Canyoning Association Puerto Rico and it’s people are aiming to create the best conditions for all their members following the standards of security by organized practices, canyoning group activities with the participation of canyoners of various levels and sharing the international canyoning techniques. Apart from that, CPRA organizes canyoning events with main goal the communication between canyoners, team work and continuous education on the sport.

To read more about CPRA you can follow their website: and Facebook page:

On Saturday 20/11/2021 and on Sunday 27/11/2021 CPRA is organising an event for beginners in canyoning with the basic concepts of the sport. If you are interested you can contact the association at e-mail:

Curso Canyonismo Basico in Puerto Rico

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