A couple holding hands after canyoning

I met them during RIC2020CRETE and they were one of the happiest couples of the meeting. Married for the last seven years, canyoning was what brought them together!

Falling in love with a canyoner (when you are a canyoner too) can lead to a blissful life. The way of living in such a relationship can be filled with joy, fun, action and unforgettable memories with friends and family. Many canyoning couples who have chosen to have children include the little ones to canyoning, creating a bond with nature and among them that can become very important as years go by. Also, many couples who have chosen not to have children can enjoy countless excursions with canyoning friends who then become their true family, after all.

Sharing the same interests can be very fulfilling among couples, as well as letting each other be free in many occasions and/to choose similar hobbies. For example, outdoor sports like climbing, caving, mountaineering, biking, kayaking, river trekking, etc. can offer a canyoning couple many opportunities to have fun in nature despite canyoning.

After talking with many canyoning couples on this matter I came to realize that a happy (canyoning) relationship (and even marriage) needs to be based on mutual respect, appreciation, letting go and support than just love, same passion or co-dependence. I have noticed that both sides show admiration for each other’s successes, always express the will to care during the descends about their other half and most of the times even congratulate each other for their efforts. Well, if I can take that as an example, common couples (without the challenge of a dangerous waterfall) who do the same, mostly get the best out of their relationship and their life flourishes as the time passes.

Falling in love with a canyoner and getting into a long relationship or marriage can be also very challenging when things get rocky in terms of work, finance, health or family. Dealing with problems when ones heart is desperate for a fun weekend in the water and the mind is preoccupied to find a solution can become a cause of great trouble or suffering. It is very crucial for the protection of both relationship members to assist each other like they do during canyoning. Find a way to overcome the obstacle with protection and safety, take care of ones self but also for their team member and get through time with the minimum loss of effort and energy. Well, easy to say but rather demanding to perform. I know. But after all, one missed weekend under a waterfall cannot match the love of your life. Right? The opportunity will arise soon enough, as long as you are both on the same side and in one piece.

Enjoy life – enjoy love – enjoy canyoning!

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