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Are you looking for a canyoning trip companion to set for a fun adventure in your country or abroad and your friends are not able to join you? Here are some ideas on how you can choose a travel companion who can make your trip the best and you can both enjoy every day.

Calculating budget on both sides

Money and budget plays a great role in a canyoning trip. Make sure your canyoning buddy has the same budget as you do, otherwise money can bother you both during your travel, if you are not on the same page.

Openminded, easy-going and spontaneous qualities

To choose a person who is cold hearted, calculating and judgementall might not be the best option. It is very common canyoning trips not to always work as you expect them. An easy-going, openminded and spontaneous person will go with the flow and will accept things as they are. Meeting new people and discovering new places is a fun factor during traveling. So an explorer is better than someone who must follow well known paths and steady habits. Humor is also a great quality for a canyoning companion not to mention calmness and respect towards locals and co-travelers.


Canyoning is an extreme sport in nature, so your buddy needs to be prepared for all scenarios: where to eat, sleep, clean your gear – how to travel and carry or rent your equipment, who to contact for information or a professional descent. Whatever the case is, he or she must be adaptive and on for it, as well as you.

Smart with navigation

Good in direction and navigation is a very important factor of a successful canyoning trip. Especially If you are not so good at it, it can prove to be very helpful to have a canyoning buddy who can find the entrance and the exit of the canyons you are about to visit, the city streets and the locations you need to be during your travel.

Last but not least…

Canyoning level

If there is a gap between you and your canyoning buddy’s level there might be a problem keeping up. A friendly suggestion is to descend a minimum number of 2-3 canyons together with a group of canyoners to establish a good communication in the canyons and check each other’s knowledge and equipment. In case your companion fills up all the above mentioned tips and lacks in canyoning level you need to be supportive to the upgrade of it, so you can both enjoy the whole package of experience as travel and canyoning buddies.

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