A couple about to brake up

Well, as most of us know, when falling in love one cannot see the other persons’ defects. It can happen that we might be ok as time goes by and develop a mutual understanding. It takes a lot of effort to balance our emotions so the relationship can progress and flourish.  However, when pointing out our partner’s flaws, deficiencies and imperfections it could transform to a bad relationship in no time.

This situation can lead to the absence of empathy and heartwarming care towards the other person. It can cause to scarcity of patience, to fighting, lack of confidence and overall to a very bad atmosphere between the couple and consequently in the company friends that watches the whole drama unfold. Falling in love with a canyoner when a relationship reaches up to this kind of condition is starting to be unsafe for the whole canyoning team.

At that point it is wise to reconsider if one should continue being together in such a bad relationship or, aiming for the best interest of both parties, to finally brake up. However, what happens to these amazing weekends in the canyons, the explorations, the funny moments travelling the world for canyoning and the very existence of the couple’s canyoning team?

Well, this can be a very tricky part. It has been proven through out human relationships that most of the times people tend to take sides. And, as seen in canyoning human relationships, the team is more likely to take the side of the most popular member of the couple braking up. Why? Because he/ she is a better and more competent canyoner. Or has a 4X4 SUV. Or has a much better economical condition. Or is more fun to be with. Or is more manipulative than the other. Suddenly the canyoning team members must continue going canyoning – right? For sure! As a canyoner, I have to say, it is a very intriguing situation.

To be continued…

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