Canyoning in Greece, History, Κατάβαση Φαραγγιών


Canyoner descending a waterfall in Crete

Crete is very famous for its canyons and many visitors from around the world are looking forward to some serious canyoning, especially in spring time where the water flow is at its peak in almost all locations.

After a very successful RIC Meeting organized by Yannis Bromirakis and the Cretan Canyoning Association (C.C.A.) the idea of an international meeting during April was born. Combining the extreme adventure of canyoning with the famous Cretan hospitality by introducing all participants to the natural beauty of the island and the cultural legacy is the main core of this event.

Crete has more than 90 technical canyons, many of which one can find in the new book “Canyoning in Crete – Yiannis Bromirakis”. All canyoning teams will have the opportunity to visit a large number of them in the 10 days of the meeting, as the base hotel is located in Ierapetra, the nearest location to Cha Canyon (14Km). Other famous canyons within a short drive are Arvi Canyon (38Km) and Portela Canyon (45Km).

To read more information about the Grande Crete International Canyoning Meeting you can visit the official website: and the Facebook page: where you can see updated photos from the recent canyon conditions.

Accommodation in a 4-star hotel, with traditional high quality food and many extras, car rental offers, daily weather reports, daily instructions and information about the canyons conditions and many more will make you want to spent a month on the island – so if you can have some time off don’t miss the opportunity!

Enjoy canyoning, enjoy life!

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