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Madeira island is a canyoning paradise!

Autonomous Region of Madeira is a part of Portugal, located on the north/west side of Africa, opposite Morocco and in between Casablanca and Marrakesh, 320 miles away from the mainland. The 4 islands that create an archipelago (Madeira, Porto Santo and the Desertas) were uninhabited and claimed by Portuguese sailors in 1419. Now a days it is a place full of life and tradition, a very popular year-round resort visited by 1.5 million tourists and one of the best locations for a canyoning holiday. The climate is warm and subtropical. The main island of Madeira, having a volcanic shape and form, is full of trees, very high cliffs, various beaches with pebbles and amazing waterfalls.

The Meeting Canyoning Madeira is an international event that offers global canyoning community the opportunity for a unique gathering full of fun, adventure, getting in touch with old and new friends and… great canyoning experiences. The beauty and grandeur of nature, many canyoning routes, the past knowledge of organising meetings, extraordinary accommodations, local delicacies and so many reasons more are difficult to resist!

If you are interested in participating in the meeting you can see all available information here: website is guiding you step-by-step to finally make your registration, with a rich content of photographs and videos.

To read about the program just click:

For all regulations and forms of participation:

Download the wonderfully illustrated pdf with routes and topos of all canyons included from the previous meeting in Madeira, with lots of information here:

Check out the info for hikes and tours around the island here:

Get informed about the weather here:

Organisers of the Meeting Canyoning Madeira have also secured affordable car rentals and provide website visitors with a detailed map of all canyons for better logistics, as there is such a variety of descents that you might want to plan as many as possible during your stay.

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