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Poster for Canyoning Dolomiti schedule

Italy is one of the most amazing countries in Europe for canyoning lovers! CANYONING DOLOMITI is an amateur sports association aiming at the exploration, conservation and enhancement of Italian territory, at the training of its members and the sharing of canyoning. One can become a member with a reasonable fee and participate to the activities of the association which include courses and canyoning excursions in the Belluno area. is following the Facebook page of Canyoning Dolomiti:

Further below our friends from Italy (but also Italian speaking foreigners who would like to get acquainted to the sport of canyoning in Italy) can see the scheduled events of the Association after all lockdowns and difficult times of overcoming covid-19 in the country and global travelling community. Thanks to Google Translate we copy/paste their invitation to action for 2022.

“We took a while to wait, it’s true, but the release calendar for our 2022 members is ready.

A series of outings to discover our Prealps and Dolomites, aimed at those who have a certain amount of experience; but don’t be scared, as you can see on our Facebook page we have organized training courses thanks to the support of the Italian Canyoning Association, as well as moments in which our team will propose the training course or the most suitable excursion for you. Contact us and sign up!!”

AIC training courses: (If the minimum number of participants is reached)

Approach to canyoning: 3 & 4 June 2022 – Belluno area

1st Level of canyoning: 17 – 18 – 19 June & 25 – 26 June 2022 – Belluno Area

Belluno is an Italian province in the Alps. The totally mountainous territory extends for km² in the Eastern Alps sector, where most of the Dolomite groups are present, making it the province of the Dolomites. The river Piave, which crosses it from north to south, is the main watercourse.

For more information about the canyoning training courses you can write to:

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Dolomiti the Mountains of Venice –

See additional dates and locations of the calendar 2022 below

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