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A canyoning backpack in a dry canyon

Are you a little bit rusty in comparison to your old canyoning self? Get the benefits of an easy and dry canyon. It is the best option to practice with your friends, especially in winter when environment and water temperatures tend to be rather unfriendly.

A dry canyon gives a canyoner (a beginner or someone who hasn’t been canyoning for some time) the opportunity to refresh the knowledge of techniques, rope rigging, rappelling, down climbing, etc. Without the pressure of waterfalls full of water and the cold, dry descents can give you the amount of time needed to remember how to set the appropriate techniques according to the demands of each spot.

If you are a competent canyoner and you have team members who have stopped canyoning for a while due to various reasons (pregnancy, recovering from an illness, depression after losing a job or a partner, divorce – you name it) an easy and dry canyon is a great option.

The best part when descending a canyon like that is… relaxation. You can allow yourself a slower paste, take some nice photos and videos, have a group brake in the middle of the descent to enjoy a bit of a snack. The most important part however is the empathy towards your fellow canyoner who was absent from the activity. If you are the one needing support to begin again or catch up with your friends let them know how grateful you are by buying everyone a beer/soda after the exit.

Canyoning is all about fun and action. The basic core of this sport is cooperation, communication and practice in good mood by paying attention to one’s self but also, at the same time, to every single member of the team.

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