TX CANYON shoes by La Sportiva

When your whole life – actually for the last 93 years – is to design, construct and offer the best technical products for outdoor activities, you cannot miss the opportunity to serve the world wide canyoning community. After taking into consideration the rise of canyoning and the demanding environment of canyons, La Sportiva is presenting the new model XT CANYON shoes.

Is there a place you dream to go? Is there a canyon you dream to descend? Is there e way you dream to live? If you are a dedicated canyoner, La Sportiva has the answer, providing you with the perfect canyoning shoes.

Let’s start with the hard work a canyoning shoe must accomplish:

• to offer flexibility and support

• to be sturdy and durable

• to ensure excellent grip in waterways

• to have a sticky traction while dry and wet

• to dry quickly

• to remain lightweight in all conditions

• to be as much as indestructible as possible

Well, TX CANYON shoes by La Sportiva is a revolutionary shoe, made by water repellent and PFC -free coating component, that aims to gain our trust in all aspects mentioned above. According to the reviews by leading canyoners in the world, this new canyoning shoe is here to stay. The eco friendliness of  this shoe is a fact that we cannot ignore. It is made of eco materials from recycled, raw materials, recycled laces and a 7% recycled contents midsole. As we read in the products description from La Sportiva, the upper part is a non-toxic laminated set containing a synthetic foam core and biodegradable properties. Due to its design the shoe doesn’t get trapped between rocks while the Vibram® Idrogrip sole rubber gives the outmost security on your footsteps. Last but not least the wide form of the shoe comforts the toes inside the neoprene socks.

To read more about TX CANYON by La Sportiva you can follow the official page links below:

Research and innovation can upgrade canyoning offering safety and more pleasure to all canyoners who practice this amazing sport as part of their way of living.

Enjoy canyoning! Enjoy safety! Enjoy life!

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