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A birthday cake in a canyon

Birthday canyoning can be the best present for a canyoner – what a great occasion to spend a day in a canyon with your friends and celebrate at the same time! No matter if you choose a dry or a wet canyon, it is somehow suggested to visit an easy one for the fun of it rather than a very difficult one, for obvious reasons. You are there to have fun and not to put yourself at risk on your very special day lol.

As we know, canyoning is better when the team consists of at least five canyoners. If you have many friends practicing the sport maybe you want to take them all with you, to celebrate. However, there are friends and family who find canyoning not the ideal birthday party, so be prepared that you might have to organise two different events.

Also, you might not want to take every single canyoning friend with you during your birthday. It’s ok. This is your special day and you have the right to pick the ones closer to you – more or less, there might be people not able to attend one way or the other. So, don’t make a big fuss out of it. Call the ones you feel free, happy and relaxed and just do it!

When you are planning a birthday canyoning day it is the best to keep it simple. The cake doesn’t have to be that fancy, you don’t need an expensive set of silver spoons, fine porcelain and crystal glasses, you definitely don’t need a Dj, alcohol or a black tie / flashy dress outfit. A plain cake is perfect. Plastic spoons, a candle, maybe a set of plastic cake plates are more than enough – just don’t forget to take all garbage with you.

Birthday canyoning can happen on the very day of your birthday or any other day of the week possible, for your friends to attend. Should you need to organize two different events try not to make them on the same day, like one in the morning and one in the evening. It might cause lot’s of stress if you might be late for any reason. Better to arrange the second celebration some other day, to be able to enjoy both occasions.

If you want something more fancy, for example to introduce some of your non-canyoning friends to canyoning on your birthday descend, our friendly suggestion is to choose a local professional canyoning company to arrange everything for you. By doing so, you (or your friends) can rent the proper equipment and gear for an amazing experience. Plus, everyone can have fun, especially under the supervision of canyoning guides, who know the canyon better, so you don’t need to worry about a thing and just enjoy every minute of your very special day.

Happy birthday canyoning!

PS Photos by Konstantinos Bekas

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