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Predrag Vuckovic in front of a helicopter

Predrag Vuckovic was born in 1973 and lives in Belgrade. Travelling the world made him an amateur photographer but due to his talent and creativity he soon became a serious professional since 1989. Being an extreme sportsman, he was captured by the beauty of nature, so he was able to take really unusual and exciting shoots.

After 10 years he decided to start a business about exercise and fitness, the club Extreme Gym and in 2002 he established his fitness and lifestyle magazine X-Fitness. The magazine is dedicated to about 30 extreme sports, adventures around the world, challenges and activities that take one’s breath away. Around 2010 his Extreme Canyoning Team was born, where outdoor and especially canyoning group excursions were the base for amazing canyoning photographs signed by him.

His restlessness guided him to create an umbrella for all the business activities he was into, the Extreme Media company. There, Predrag Vuckovic and his team, prepare numerous advertisements for various clients, celebrities and companies. They specialize in photo shooting of athletes in over 400 different sports, underwater and aerial. His pictures have been published all over the internet, in social media, blogs, newspapers and magazines all over the world. He is one of the few official RED BULL International photographers.

To read more about him, you can visit his website: Be prepared to see some really crazy photo shoots and spend quite some time of admiring both the athletes performing but also the perspective he used to get the unique images captured.

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At his website: you will be able to enjoy amazing, breathtaking photos from various canyoning adventures by his Extreme Canyoning Team, all over earth’s canyons. You can also meet them and get informed about various canyoning descents organised.

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Predrag Vuckovic, on behalf of, we would like to thank you for capturing the pure essence, the “soul”, of our favourite sport!