Canyoning, Canyoning in Greece


Canyoners preparing to descend

A sunny Sunday in a secret canyon that leads to a beach is a challenge even if it is dry. Having that in mind we started very early in the morning from Athens towards Evia, Greece, on the 12th of June 2022. Total members of our canyoning team four men and two women, six canyoners.


The canyon has been recently discovered by Giorgos Dalianis (Fb:, Website: and Vaggelis Christoulas (Fb:, Website:


Evia Greece is a very nice location that has (so far) six secured canyons of various technical demands, with and without water depending on the season. The most famous canyon of Evia is Havos, that can become extremely difficult and sometimes unapproachable, especially in spring after the heavy snowfalls on the mountains of Dirfis and Xerovouni.



The secret canyon (with no name yet) we visited is on the west side of Evia, over the central part, leading to a very nice, stony beach, that has a great beach bar hidden under very tall trees. There we enjoyed a really cold beer after a quick swim in the refreshing water and a shower. A hidden taverna serving Greek food was a little bit more up the stairs, which enables canyoners to have lunch if they want to spend more time at this lovely spot.


The canyon has 8 rappels, 9 – 25 meters, must have water at some point, is very easy to descend and green, with tall trees and pink oleanders. Our canyoning group had a great time, in total 4,5 hours of hiking, abseiling and walking on the beach to get back to our vehicles.


Next to this secret canyon there is another one with a direct 130 meters descent, divided to 3 parts, that we are really looking forward to visit sometime in the nearest future.



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