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ANNOUNCING INTERNATIONAL CANYONING FESTIVAL GREECE 2023 proudly invites all Greek canyoners and Global members of the canyoning community to the first International Canyoning Festival Greece 2023!

The Festival will take place 12 – 21 May 2023, in Peloponnese with base venue Green Village, in Xylokastro, in a middle point of distances of 14 amazing canyons (and more) within a couple of hours driving or less.

Spring time in Greece is the best for canyoning! Nature is full of flowers, water levels and currents are friendly, temperatures are just getting a bit warmer and the sun will make all descents a pure delight.

As we observed, middle of May 2022, the weather was just perfect. During the week 14 – 22/5/2022 there was mild rain only one day and it lasted just a couple of hours. So, we are looking forward to the ultimate weather for canyoning. Most of the canyons in the district have water with highlight Kallithea Canyon following Agios Loukas Canyon. Actually some experienced teams can do both canyons in the same descent starting from Agios Loukas and then directly getting into Kallithea Canyon. (They are like Part I and Part II of the same canyon). Mikros Helmos and Fonissa Canyons will also have playful water flow. Canyons Vloga, Erarchos and Trano Lagadi will keep everybody happy and Sergoula Canyon (after crossing Rio-Antirrio Bridge opposite our base venue, on the other side of Corinthian Gulf) will be in the top 7 locations for great canyoning. 7 more canyons of the district – not to mention another 4 that are under exploration at this moment – will give every canyoner participating in the Festival unlimited options for 8 – 10 days nonstop canyoning.


International Canyoning Festival Greece organising committee and Green Village will start welcoming guests on Friday 12th May 2023, after 15h00, official day of the beginning of the Festival. However, an opening party with music, snacks and drinks will take place on Saturday 13th May at 20h30.

During the International Canyoning Festival Greece 2023 there will be satellite events every day in Green Village and in various locations nearby. Presentations, discussions, excursions, music, freshly made breakfast, traditional dinner delicacies by the beach, amazing accommodations in the gardens of Green Village will make your stay magical.

After a whole week of awesome canyoning a farewell party with music, snacks and drinks on Saturday 20th May at 20h30 will say goodbye to guests leaving next morning. On Sunday, last day of the International Canyoning Festival Greece 2023, friends who want to do one more canyon are free to enjoy it after leaving their Villas lately at 12h00.

Festival website is under construction at the moment but you can click to see the promo video!

For more information stay tuned with our website: Instagram: and LinkedIn page:

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See you soon!

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