Advanced, Canyoning in Greece


Canyoning is our passion! Why? Because after canyoning we can enjoy food, drinks and sweets with our team… with no regrets. After losing so many calories in the canyon the best moment of the descent is drinking a cold beer, a refreshing soda or a glass of wine with a bite of pizza, or a local delicacy, a super fresh salad and chocolate ice cream.

Our favorite taverna in the district of Kleivoka Canyon is Mpistólas, located in the small village of Kontovazaina, a good 3 hours drive from Athens. The owner, Vassilis, is an open hearted man from Athens who decided to give up living in the city ten years ago. The taverna belonged to his father in law, so he and his wife made up their mind and chose the pretty voices of birds instead of the busy sound of the capital city of Greece.


Before heading to the 3-4 canyons of old Gortynia district we always stop for an nice cup of Greek coffee or a locally harvested mountain tea with wild honey. Freshly baked cookies and some fresh fruit on the side give us the boost needed to hit off to the canyons.


After the descents a perfect dinner is already prepared for us, so we just make a call, get into our dry comfy clothes and by the time we reach Kontovazaina our table is set! Cold, fresh water from the villages’ fountain, grilled fresh bread with olive oil and oregano, salad from his backyard garden is the first dish. Actually we never order – he keeps bringing various plates and we just enjoy them. Being an excellent cook and very experienced in hospitality, he always knows when to stop, so we have enough space for some fresh fruit and yogurt with honey or ice cream at the end.

This ritual is our best when going canyoning in Greece. There is everywhere a taverna open for hungry canyoners no matter where you go and most important: open until late even on a Sunday. One thing is for sure: you will never go without food when canyoning in the Greek canyons lol!

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