Advanced, Ropework


The Alpine Butterfly Loop can be frequently used in canyoning. Should you require a secure loop in the middle of a rope the Alpine Butterfly Loop is very useful. It is an option for a line of canyoners to hook on along the length of the rope and a great way to isolate a damaged section of the length of rope, so that you can use the rope with safety. The Alpine Butterfly Loop is relatively easy to undo even after an extended use of a heavy load.

For a detailed animated version of the Alpine Butterfly Loop you can also visit: and watch many videos on youtube.

Rope rigging is a very important aspect in canyoning. Please take it very seriously and practice as much as possible. We kindly suggest that you attend a valid and verified course in order to learn and master all necessary canyoning knots. Keep safe – have fun canyoning! cannot be held responsible for any misuse of canyoning knots on your behalf.



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