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Swiss Canyoning Association bachab is a rather new association, as it was created just in May 2018. However it is, at the moment, the first club in the country in terms of active canyoning members. The community welcomes as well canyoners from nearby countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, France and Holland. Other than their location, canyoners of various levels and age have also come united to be actively involved with canyoning and bechab.

Swiss Canyoning Association bachab has a common goal among the canyoning associations of the world: to have lot’s of fun in the canyons but also to practice the sport with safety and respect. Therefore, joined events, educational weekends, sharing knowledge, theoretical and physical practice, excursions in various canyons, a forum and a vivid Facebook group are available for its members to find many good reasons to connect and enjoy the club.

To become a member you can follow the link:

The website is German/English and all canyoners are accepted to participate. Also, you will be able to read many valuable information. We enjoyed very much reading about parking spots in Ticino since this summer we got a find lol!

At the very end of the menu of one can find very useful links about canyoning that will open up unlimited possibilities of descents around the world.

The Board of bechab are dear friends and amazing canyoners well known in the international canyoninig scene: Patrik Bartel, Carmen Seeger, Matthias Holzinger (President), Sarah Allemann and Alexander Arnold.


Swiss Canyoning Association Board


What we enjoyed the most of Swiss Canyoning Association’s website is the passion shared for canyoning and the effective communication on behalf of the board members. Even if we live in Greece (a bit far away from Switzerland) we would very much like to become members of this refreshing club!

Well done! You inspire us big time!

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