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Founded in Paris in 1874, the Club Alpin Français, had a goal: to discover the last unexplored places in the mountains. The Club expanded its presence in Montpellier in 1879, were there was a full stop of activities during the war 1914 – 1918. Relaunched in 1931 and after a long and active history through 1936, 1949 up to 1993, the Club became an independent association under the name “Club Alpin Français de Montpellier”, part of FFCAM (French Federation of Alpine and Mountain Clubs).

All members of the Club have a large variety of outdoor activities to participate: Mountaineering – Icefall – Canyon descent – Escalation – Hiking – Racket – Ski touring & Ski mountaineering – Caving – Snow sports – Trail – Via ferrata.

In our blog post, we would like to refer to the section of CAF “Descents of Canyons”.

Anybody who would like to master the techniques of canyoning has many opportunities to participate in courses for various levels of the sport. Other than that, canyoning groups can also travel in the South of Europe for long weekends and canyoning holidays. CAF has very accomplished both certified or non-certified people whose skills are recognised and validated, who aim to practice the sport with safety and fun. It also provides the members with ropes, bags and various gear throughout the year.

The canyoning department supervisor of “Club Alpin Français de Montpellier” Michel Leclercq and a group of French canyoners will participate in the 1st International Canyoning Festival Greece 2023, 12 – 21 May. Members of CAF have already visited canyons in Greece on the islands of Crete and Samothraki in the previews years.

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